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Venice is not a city that was built to be driven in, but you can get a lot out of Venice car rental if you're planning to take day trips to the surrounding region. Cars are easily rented from either of the city's airports, but once you have your rental car, be aware that it may not be possible to park it in the center of the city. There is a parking lot in Venice called Piazzale Roma, but it is routinely full with the cars of Venetians who drive.

The most convenient option is to park at Tronchetto on the causeway that leads to the city. Parking here is €20 per day, and you can get a light rail train directly into central Venice for just €1. Alternatively, you can park at Mestre, Venice's twin city on the mainland. Simply head for Mestre on the autostrade (highway), and look for the signs marked parcheggio. From here you can catch a regular train into Venice. A third option is the town of Fusina, easily accessed from the highway, from where you can catch a non-stop ferry to Venice.

Driving around Italy is much the same as at home, but there are a few things to watch out for. There are three different types of roads: autostrade (highways), strade statali (state roads) and strade communali (local roads). Most of the road signs have international symbols you will recognize, but they may also be written in Italian. Uscita means exit, while entrada means entrance and divieto di means no entry. Be careful to remember when refuelling your car that gasolio is actually diesel – benzina is unleaded petrol. Make sure to bring a map with you, or you can get a car with GPS navigation included from your rental company for an extra fee.


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