Beaches Venice


Find the best beaches in Venice

There are several different places to go for Venice beaches, including the islands of Lido and Pellestrina and the sand beaches of Cavallino and Sottomarina.

Lido, an 11-kilometre long island which is home to 20,000 people, is probably the most popular Venice beach destination. It's home to two enormous public beaches at the northern and southern ends of the island which attract thousands of visitors each year. Most of the side of the island that faces onto the Adriatic Sea is taken up by hotels and resorts that make for a great beach holiday.

If you don't want a Venice beach experience packed with other visitors, consider heading to Pellestrina instead. On this tiny island you'll find deserted beaches that are great for going on long walks without hindrance. There's also a delightful village center here with pastel-colored houses that retain their original Italian character.

Located near Venice on the Italian mainland, Callavino's shoreline consists of 15km of beautiful beaches that combine the waters of the Venice lagoon with that of the Adriatic Sea. Accessible from Venice via a 40-minute public ferry ride, the peninsula has lots of great natural scenery that you can explore either by boat or by bicycle.

Another great Venice beach spot is Sottomarina, a small island with sandy beaches that run along the Adriatic shore. Popular with central European tourists, this area has all the modern facilities of a top beach resort. It's also connected by bridge with the historic fishing port of Chioggia - sometimes known as the second city of Venice's Veneto region - which is well worth a visit for its scenery, art and churches.

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