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The historic city of Venice, once a city-state of enormous power and wealth, is one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Europe. The top attraction of Venice travel is the city's many gondolas and canals, which thread throughout a network of more than 100 small islands that make up the town. The classic way to spend Venice travel time is to float along the canals in a gondola and admire the beautiful scenery. Of course you can also see much of the city on foot, given that it's equipped with more than 400 bridges large and small.

But that's not the only good thing about Venice travel: the city is also home to a great number of magnificent museums and historic buildings within a small area. This is because it was a significant trading post in the Middle Ages, sitting in between Western Europe, the Byzantine Empire and the Muslim world. Its influence as a strategically located port was such that around the 1200s it was the richest city on the whole continent.

Among there many historical sights around the city, the most impressive area to head for is Saint Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco). This beautiful plaza is home to the opulent Doge's Palace, the nerve center of Venice's ruling elite. It's also where you'll find the grandiloquent Saint Mark's Basilica, where the remains of the apostle are interred.

San Marco is one of just six historical quarters in this heritage-packed town. Another popular area is the Ponte di Rialto bridge district, where you'll find the retail heart of the city including a great fresh produce market and lots of souvenirs. In the same area there's the oldest church in the city – San Giacomo di Rialto – plus Venice's Gallery of Modern Art, one of several top galleries in the city.

Another captivating sight of old town Venice is the Jewish Ghetto, where members of the Jewish faith were segregated into for more than two and a half centuries. Within this Italian city you'll find a number of synagogues as well as a fascinating Jewish museum.

Outside the historic center there's a number of inhabited islands that you can visit for a fun day trip. Further afield, about an hour's drive out from the city, you can experience the spectacular beauty of the Dolomite Mountains. This charming land of towering peaks and peaceful valleys is full of delightful cafés and restaurants to stop off into. No matter where you choose to go, Venice and its surrounds are packed with so many amazing sights you'll leave already thinking about when you can make another Venice travel trip.


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